Hi all..
Its February.. The month of Love. I wished to make all love related products and cards before 14th Feb, the Valentine's Day.. I made this "Love Mail Box" . This is the first time ever I have made a Love Mailbox.
Before making it, I searched a lot for its good n easy to understand and make tutorial but couldn't find much stuff.. Though there are some gud ones on the net but I thought I too would try to build a "Make it easily" kind of tutorial for this.... So here it goes...

Love Mailbox Tutorial

You will need the following:
  • Two patterned paper 12'' by 12''
  • One fabriano cardstoch A4 size (you can also take any other cardstock and cut it in same measure)
  • Paper trimmer, score board
  • Scissors, Glue, Double sided tape
  • Embellishments of your choice (n theme)
Okay... So lets get started....

First take your 12" by 12" Patterned paper (its better if u take two side patterned). I have used a floral designed from Pebbles inc. which is dotted from other side. Cut this at 8 1/4" 
We are cutting it at 8 1/4 " to match with the width of our A4 Fabriano card stock sheet.

Now from the remaining PP, cut two strips of 1" (one inch). This we will add to our mailbox to make it sturdy and stand still. Each strip measures 12" by 1".

  Then take your A4 card stock which is already 8 1/4 inch at one side.  Now cut it at 7" (seven inches)
   from the lengthy side. So we get a card stock piece measuring   7" by 8 1//4 "

Put the card stock on the score board with 7" side on top, and score at 1" and 6".
Or in other words 1" at both sides , leaving 5" base.
Tape or apply adhesive on both sides as shown in the picture above.

Take your PP and stick the two strips on the back side of it as shown above. Adhere this to our card stock base which is already taped from both sides.

Now take the second matching PP. I used the one from We R Memory Keepers'  stack. Put your mailbox upright and very softly mark the outline with a pencil .  Mark two stencils, one for the front and one for the back. We are completely making this mailbox with free hand and no dies or templates are used. 

For the back of the mailbox we cut 1/2 " extra from our marked line. Score it at marked line and then cut small v shapes at equal distance as shown in the pic.

Adhere the back and front with the body of the mailbox and embellish it in your accordance.

Dont forget to attach your flag with the mailbox. You can do so with the help of a Brad.
Pictures are showing both sides of my complete mailbox. I have embellished it with washi tape, flowers and beads...  Hope you liked and understood the methodian..  This is my first tutorial ever, so suggestions for its betterment are welcome. In case of any queries, please feel free to write to me. 


  1. very very good tutorial. ur creations are also very neat and clean. keep it up

    1. Thank u very much.. i feel encouraged..

  2. Great tutorial....saw quite a few of these, was wondering how it was done. This is perfect.

  3. great tutorial... loved the use of PP and washi tapes!